My Sense of Dread

I think the chances are pretty slim that Trump and his campaign can once again thread the “popular vote loss/electoral vote victory” needle of four years ago. But, unlike 1992, 1996, 2008, and 2012, my sense of a pending victory for the Democratic presidential ticket is almost non-existent this year. This is likely related to the 2016 election PTSD many of us suffer from. And I have to keep reminding myself that 2020 is most certainly not 2016. The general fundamentals point to a win for the Biden/Harris ticket: economic hardship, high unemployment, a deadly national crisis of historic proportions. If you look at just the last eight months, separate from the previous three and a half years, I just don’t see how our country would opt for a second term of narcissistic and lethal incompetence.

Yet, I’m torn. My gut is telling me this will not be the landslide we need it to be; yet my head is telling me that the tremendous early vote we are seeing has to mean that Americans are fed up and are lining up in large numbers because they want to get rid of this guy.

Sigh! We’ll know whether my gut or my head were right in a few hours. I have an idea as to how things will go down, but I will not publish any predictions here. In fact, the blog will be silent until such a time that a winner is called, or such a time that it becomes obvious that a winner will not be declared before morning.

And hey… if you haven’t, GO VOTE!