Veterans Day

To all who have served our country – thank you.

I know it’s supposed to be a non-political holiday, but with the current commander-in-chief (ie: loser), a few thoughts…

I can’t help but notice the fact that Donald Trump’s share of the military vote went down about 10% compared to 2016. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised after that despicable excuse for a human being referred to those who lost their lives in battle as “losers” and “suckers.” And as I type, he and his campaign are aggressively fighting against mail-in election ballots which include an overwhelming number of military votes.

So, Happy Veterans Day to our good soldiers. One day to honor your service to our country is but a small token of our appreciation.

And our apologies for your commander-in-chief these last four years. We are pleased that you will soon be in more capable hands this January 20.