Biden Surpasses 80 Million Votes

Another update on the national popular vote:

As of 10:00am, PT, 25 Nov:
Biden/Harris: 80,086,825 (51.1%)
Trump/Pence: 73,8902,604 (47.1%)

Fun facts:

Biden’s current total breaks Barack Obama’s record for most votes ever won by a presidential candidate by over 10 million.

Biden’s percentage of the vote (a solid majority of 51.1%) is the highest figure for a challenger who beat a sitting president since 1932, when Franklin Roosevelt won a whopping 57.4% against President Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression. Ronald Reagan won 50% against President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and Bill Clinton won 43% (in a three way race) against President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Biden’s six million vote margin, while nowhere near a landslide, is rather comfortable. The allocated 306 votes in the Electoral College is also a relatively comfortable total.

For reference, Harry Truman was elected to a full four year term of his own in 1948 with 49.5% of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes; John Kennedy was elected in 1960 with 49.7% of the popular vote and, like Truman, 303 electoral votes. Both men are often considered among the 10 best presidents in U.S. history.

I would say, then, that while we need to see how he and his team perform, Joe Biden starts out in pretty damn good company.