Sunday Morning Disco

Once upon a time (in late 1978), I owned the 12-inch dance single played in the video below.  Pretty funky vinyl print; not sure what happened to it.

Sure, the song was (and is) overplayed, but it is a true classic disco single – superbly produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.  To this day it remains the biggest selling single for the Atlantic Records label, with seven million copies sold to date (four million of those sold in 1978 and 1979).

Number one in the dance clubs this week in 1978…

“Le Freak” by Chic (#1, 1978)

Edwards and Rodgers were truly superb producers. “C’est Chic,” the album on which “Le Freak” appeared, is an excellent set of R&B and dance music. “I Want Your Love,” my favorite all time Chic record, was the follow up single. Produced, arranged, and engineered to perfection, it is a far superior record than “Le Freak” in my opinion. It was also a number one hit on the Disco/Dance Club chart (top ten overall).

“I Want Your Love” by Chic (#7, 1979)