Throwback Thursday

The brilliance of producer Daniel Lanois highlights the gorgeous and majestic vocals of Emmylou Harris as no other producer had before her 1995 album, “Wrecking Ball.” The entire set is one of my all time favorites, and this stunningly beautiful track is the best of the bunch. Perfect for a crisp autumn day. Pair with your favorite whiskey, a glass of good red wine, or a cup of calming, hot tea.

Moved to Tears

As someone who was brought up by two women (my mom and grandmother) and grew up with two sisters, this essay from Padma Lakshmi is pitch perfect.

Money quote: “I was on a hike in Garrison, N.Y., when I heard the news of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s victory. I felt elated. Then suddenly I felt this heat welling up from my chest into my throat and it burst out of me in tears I could not control. At first I didn’t even know why I was sobbing.

“Finally, I was thinking. Finally a woman, and a woman of color, takes this office.”

Incompetent and Narcissistic


The number of Americans infected with covid in a single day skyrocketed above 160,000, breaking a record set the previous day. (But not to worry, “we are turning the corner.”)

Six American service members were killed in a helicopter crash during a peacekeeping mission in Egypt. (Suckers and losers, no doubt.)

The stock market fell 317 points. (After making big gains this past Monday, following the weekend call that Joe Biden had won the presidential election.)

Yet, Donald Trump spent the day stewing in his own stank, obsessing over his loss to Biden, and twating lies over the outcome.

And this serves as example number 74,823 as to why the man was never fit to serve in that office.