Throwback Thursday: “I Am the Fox, Like It or Not…”

Last month, Elton John released a very ambitious 148 song project called “Jewel Box.” Personally curated by John, himself, the compilation includes deep cuts (personal favorites from his various albums that aren’t necessarily singles or hits), rarities, B-sides, and songs specifically mentioned in his 2018 autobiography, “Me.”

This particular song is not on “Jewel Box.” A couple of other tracks from the album of the same name are, but if it were me doing the choosing, this track would most definitely be included.

The 1981 album, John’s first for the then newly minted Geffen label, was a complete flop, and that is a complete shame. The set is excellent, from beginning to end, and at the time was called his best record since the mid-70s by Record World Magazine.

This, the title track, could just as easily be included on more recent albums like “Songs From the West Coast” or “The Captain and the Kid.” In my opinion, this is one of John’s finest…

“The Fox” by Elton John (1981)